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Maura Wasescha doesn’t just have exclusive properties for sale or rent.
Maura Wasescha does more. She offers the perfect luxury service,
so that the magic of the moment becomes timeless enjoyment.
That is also why the name Maura Wasescha stands
simply for Maximum Wellbeing.

We look forward to fulfilling your dreams!
T +41 81 833 77 00

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Beautiful Apartment in an Engadine House | Pontresina| Engadine| CH0798

Park Residence | Pontresina | Engadine | CH0659

Villa Cubo | St. Moritz | Engadine | CH0518

Au Reduit – Main Apartment with studio | St. Moritz | Engadine | CH0711

Chalet on the Suvrettahill | Suvretta | Engadin | CH0782

Chesa Chamanna | Suvretta | Engadine | CH0268

Exclusive Chalet in Suvretta | Suvretta | Engadine | CH0779

Chesa Büsin | Zuoz | Engadine | CH0692

Villa in Varazze| Varazze| Italy | IT0790

Villa Las Brisas | St. Tropez | France | FR0789

Chesa San Gian | St. Moritz | Engadine | CH0647

Chesa Murezzan | St. Moritz | Engadine | CH0616

Apartment Villa Singer | Celerina | Engadine| CH0432

Chesa Rodel klein | Zuoz | Engadine | CH0698

Chesa Pulin | Samedan | Engadine | CH0674

Villa Destiny | Zurich| CH0795

Chesa al Lej| St.Moritz| Engadine | CH0818

Fantastic apartment with lake view Lugano | Ticino | CH0752

Antique Engadine House in Zuoz | Zuoz | Engadine | CH0547

Villa Evelin | Lake Como | Italy | IT0778

Chesa al Parc | Samedan | Engadine | CH0620

Villa Nimet | St. Moritz | Engadine | CH0685

Engadin house of exclusive design | S-chanf | Engadine | CH0769

Chalet a Maloja| Maloja| Engadine | CH0817

Chesa Rodel gross | Zuoz | Engadine | CH0699

Top class-design apartment | St. Moritz | Engadine | CH0722

Chesa da Naiv| La-Punt| Engadine | CH0815

Riad Nashira Hotel & Spa | Marrakech | Morocco | XX0777

Two worlds, one world | S-Chanf, St.Moritz| Engadine| CH0811

Chesa Trais Villettas| St.Moritz | Engadine | CH0776

Traditional Engadine Style Chalet | Pontresina | Engadine | CH0347

Villa Collina | St. Moritz | Engadine | CH0754

Splendid manor house in Rome | Rome | Italy | IT0793

Modern apartment in Champfèr | St. Moritz | Engadine | CH0802


There are few places in which one feels one has arrived and is immediately at home. Complete happiness. Maura Wasescha knows these rare places, where dreams and reality become one.

St.Moritz St.Raphaël-Valescure St.Tropez Mallorca Marbella Punta Skala Miami Bibbona Florence Impruneta Ile of Elba Lavagna Loro Ciuffenna (Arezzo) Menaggio Milano Montecavolo di Quattro Castella Pantelleria Preganziol Porto Cervo Portofino Porto Raphael Porto Rotondo Positano San Remo Santa Teresa di Gallura Venezia Zoagli Ardez Brail Bever Bellerive Carona Celerina Champfèr Gstaad La Punt-Chamues-ch Lugano Maloja Pontresina Samedan Silvaplana St.Moritz-Suvretta Surlej Zuoz


For Maura Wasescha, taking care of the client means to incorporating humanism and, above all providing an excellent service. Today, customers are looking for a partner whom they can trust fully; trust that is based on discretion. But they are also looking for someone that gives them time. Time to be listened to and also time they can invest in the knowledge that there is a team with excellent contacts working for them in the background.

That’s why Maura Wasescha doesn’t just have exclusive properties for sale or rent. Maura Wasescha does more. She offers Maximum Wellbeing. Because luxury means not having to be concerned with its practical matters, but to be able to enjoy the perfect moment.

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Italy is the land of good taste. Maura Wasescha is a native Italian. Switzerland is the land of perfection. Maura Wasescha has perfected her sense of good taste over decades in Switzerland. This is also why Maura Wasescha does not simply deal with properties. She selects the most magnificent houses and villas in the most beautiful places. Moreover, she offers the perfect services for the perfect enjoyment of life. Maura Wasescha stands for your personal Maximum Wellbeing!


Dolce far niente in Portofino. The glistening of the snow in the Swiss mountains.  Where ever and what ever you wish for: we realise your own personal dreams of blissful contentment. So that the magic of the moment becomes timeless enjoyment.

Here is an excerpt from what you can expect from us:
Perfect and personal consulting service regarding the rent or sale of the most exclusive properties in the most wonderful places – including not listed objects. Organising of staff, private chefs, party service, beauticians, hair dressers, massage therapists, personal trainers, bodyguards, drivers, babysitters and more. Realisation of party events as well as large receptions in enchanting surroundings. Buying of groceries and luxury goods of for daily needs   Organisation of taxis, limousins, horse carrages or boat cruises as well as reservations of flights or trains or theater, restaurant and hotel bookings. Rental of exclusive sports cars such as for example a Ferrari F599 GTB but also luxury cars by Bentley, Mercedes-Benz and more.


Maura Wasescha

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