Maura Wasescha doesn’t just have exclusive and luxury properties for sale or rent.
Maura Wasescha does more. She offers the perfect luxury service,
so that the magic of the moment becomes timeless enjoyment.
That is also why the name Maura Wasescha stands
simply for Maximum Wellbeing.

We look forward to fulfilling your dreams!
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What does luxury mean when you do not have the time to enjoy it? Nowadays where everyone is so busy, it is not just enough to present the perfect property to the customer. For Maura Wasescha it is important to offer the very best possible one-to-one service, to immediately understand and implement the wishes of the client by giving them time. Time to enjoy the luxury. At Maura Wasescha you do not just get exclusive properties for sale or rent. She offers «maximum wellbeing».

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«Never give up/ Non mollare mai»
Maura Wasescha is deeply convinced in realizing her philosophy and never giving up despite all the challenges. With this willpower she reaches out to her client making even the most extraordinary dreams come true.
The native Italian who lives in Switzerland since 44 years has made a name for herself in the luxury holiday resort St. Moritz and beyond Switzerland. Thanks to her many years of experience, Maura Wasescha offers her clients the very best. To the definition of luxury, Maura says: “There cannot be anything comparable”. So she gives her customers access to unique rarities coupled with an exclusive service.

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Luxury Real Estate Services

Every customer relationship is close, loyal and unique. Maura Wasescha talks to the customer about all the services he desires. Whether it is a limousine transfer, a reservation in a restaurant, a ski instructor, private jet, champagne, a gourmet chef or similar. This individual concierge service is available 24 hours a day. Maura Wasescha is aware of the busy life of her clients and is committed to providing them with the freedom they need to enjoy the perfect moment.

Here is an excerpt from what you can expect from us:
Personal advice on renting or buying the most exclusive real estate, luxury properties, in the most beautiful places – of course while maintaining the utmost discretion. Administration Organization of private jet, helicopters, limousines, exclusive sports cars, taxi and carriage rides.  Organization of butlers, private chefs, housekeepers, SPA services, personal trainers, bodyguards, private chauffeurs, leisure services. Event organization in Switzerland and abroad.