Chesa Trais – La Punt

La Punt|  Engadine  |  CH0814

Chesa Trais is an old Engadine house in the historic part of La Punt-Chamues-ch.

The property overlooks the main square in front and the Gothic church of San Andrea on the back.It is the only house in the entire historic core that has a large private garden surrounded by ancient stone walls and at the same time offers a lot of privacy and an enchanting south-west view over the valley.
The renovation project aims to preserve and improve this historic property with its original features, in particular through the use of precious woods and antique Windows.The house is completely rebuilt, with an expansion of the volume to ensure maximum comfort and only the best installations, materials and accessories are used and processed.The project involves the construction of 3 large apartments, „Crasta Mora“, „Piz üertsch“ and „Piz Blaisun“.

Equipped dressing room and ski room. Dedicated laundry.

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