Chesa Pulin

Samedan  |  Engadine  |  Switzerland  |  CH0674

This Engadin farmhouse is located in the historic center of Samedan makes your heart beat faster. It is a rare constellation of two tower like medieval structures. According to a survey by the “Denkmalpflege” (National Trust), its oldest elements – the beams – date back to the mid-15th century. The area of the Sulèr and the Palantschin dates back to the 17th century. It was with this extension, that the two original parts of the house were joined. Still today, it is this architecture that lends this house its unique charm.

On the inside, the medieval parts, and the parts of the 17th and 18th century have been carefully restored or cleaned and repaired. The redone sleeping chambers are all lined with Engadine moon wood as well as wood from pine and larch. Likewise, the various solid wooden floors are made from Engadine larch moon wood.

The facades were mostly just cleaned and refreshed and carefully adapted to the interventions where necessary. On the side with the main entrance, the house has a flower- and a vegetable garden with a small patio.

Living space: 410 sqm
Property area: 574 sqm
2 living rooms
Dining room with balcony
3 Stüvas
Storage room
8 bedrooms
7 bathrooms; of which 6 en-suite
2 guest toilets

Technical room

Floor Plans

Object Documentation

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