Chalet a Maloja | Maloja | CH0817

Maloja | Engadine | Switzerland | CH0817

Antique chalets in a secluded and quiet location with views of Lake Maloja

Fact & Figures:

Antique Chalets overlooking lake Maloja
These two antique chalets in the heart of Maloja are situated in a wild, beautiful, and quiet area with a view of Lake Maloja. Surrounded by a large forest, they offer a perfect retreat in complete solitude, to enjoy the silence of true nature. With a floor space of 516m2, the main building can be extended by 30% to achieve a net living area of 670m2. The Kutcherhouse with 254m2 can also be extended up to 30%, with a total net living area of 339m2. These two antique chalets offer many possibilities for expansion, which the client can choose himself how to manage. There aren‘t many places in the valley with such an opportunity:  A place of inspiration in which you can become one with nature.

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