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Chesa Büsin

Zuoz  |  Engadine  |  Switzerland  |  CH0692

This chesa is a newly refurbished 12th century Engadine house in the town of Zuoz. The careful renovation has been planned with the idea to use it as an Art Gallery, which actually opened in early 2014.

On the top floor of this extraordinary property hosts a spacious living room joint by an open space en suite double bedroom. On the second floor – fitted in antique wood – features three en suite bedrooms. On the first floor it has a spacious atrium accompanied by a romantic living room, a kitchen and a former barn.

The ground floor presents a historic cobblestone floor and is the platform for the art works, accompanied by a consulting room and a be-droom for a possible guardian. Also to be found on this floor are a spacious laundry room and a cellar.

Cubic capacity: 5330 m3

Property:   1312 m2

Living space: 873 m2

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